So I’ve created this blog like a year ago and didn’t do anything much with it, until i found out i still had this blog just this week. I’m going to try and blog some stuff here about game development, which was actually my initial idea when i created this one. I hope it is going to be useful, and i hope I’ll keep it updated regularly, which is normally the hardest part with blogging.

Next to challenges that I come across at work and education, I also am going to try to do some stuff in my spare time. I allready have got some ideas for that, of which the first idea is to create a content loader for Microsofts XNA based on fractal terrains. From there I will try to continually add new features.

When it is successful i will try and move it onto a private server to accommodate some extra idea’s I’m having (for one, I hate the fact that I can’t modify the CSS), but we shall see for now how it turns out 😉

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  1. hahahah ok, its funny i was one of the first people to see your blog a year ago 🙂
    looking foward to u actually writing something


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