Some nice blogs

I’ve added some nice blogs to links, all of them are game development related and most of them are about Microsoft XNA. Microsoft XNA is a free to use framework for aspired and professional game developers to give a head start on developing games for Windows and XBox 360. It basically came as a replacement for managed directX and thus it is .net based. Note that I’m not saying that its easy, because its not an engine. This means that you will still have to program things the same level as like frustum culling, batch rendering and up when you want to do a decent 3D game.

I use XNA at work where I’m writing an engine for use in future XBLA titles, and these blogs either have come in handy for in depth information on certain topics or are just an interesting read. Shawn Hargreaves for one is a developer on the XNA framework itself, and Catalin Zima and Benjamin Nitschke are Microsoft XNA MVP’s. Andy Patrick is a guy who used to work at Rare, but abandoned professional game development and is now using XNA to make games as a hobby. He shares some nice inside tips and tricks which are not commonly known, which is really cool. Clinton Keith’s blog is all about Agile Game Development, which to me is an interesting topic.

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