Hey everyone. Since I didn’t post something since the beginning of august, I might let you know that I’m still alive here 🙂 I’ve not been into XNA much lately, since the project I was working on at work has been put into the fridge for now. I have been doing research on the capabilities of the Wii with the Wii devkit for our first Wii title which is going to be in production within a month I hope. I shall be talking about some technical stuff on that as well, as far as the NDA is not limiting that ofcourse.

I’ve also started taking classes again at university, so all in all I’m quite busy. The class I’m doing is called motion & manipulation, and is concerned with forward kinematics, motion planning, collision detection, and more.

I’ve been thinking about the blog and my activity on it, and I’ve decided to broaden it up a little, also commenting on whats happening to games and the industry in general. I play a lot of games, and I’ve got some strong opinions about them that I’d like to share, so stay tuned! 😉

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  1. Nice to have you back. 😉 Have you experienced yet that the wii controls kind of suck without the motionplus? In my experience they do actually. :-X

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