Long time,

Hi everyone, its been a while. Next to gaming my ass of on Fallout 3, Mirrors Edge and Gears of War 2, i’ve been grinding uni and working a lot, and I found a place to live so I’m in the process of moving on my own as well. Busy, busy, busy 🙂

I’ve quit my job as a game developer as of today, because I want to spend more time on uni and finish my master on Game and Media Technology. Its going reasonably well, I hope to do my experimentation project in the next two semesters, as well as some seminar on Path Planning. Currently I am doing a course on geometric algorithms (Computational Geometry) which is somewhat hard, but very cool since it involves geometry. I then only need to do one more course before my I can start graduation project.

Fallout 3 is very nice. I’ve put a 60 or so hours in there and I’m not nearly there, allthough I am already on level 20. Graphicswise it looks allright, but not nearly as good as Gears of War though. The continuality between background and foreground in GoW is really nicely done; I would really like to know how they managed to do such a thing efficiently. Storywise GoW2 has a bit more cutscenes than GoW 1 which is regrettable if you ask me, because the power of the game is to me is on interactive immersiveness. The horde mode is insane however and very amusing with four players. Finally, Mirrors Edge is very neatly done in general. The storyline is a bit short and it may be a bit too fast paced however, it could be a better game if this was dealt with a bit more carefully. I also cursed because I shot one police officer in level 2 and died, and in the end didn’t get the achievement for completing the game without shooting cops; that was a bit unforgiving all-in-all.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles rocks by the way. It is one of the better series out there at the moment, and it totally catches the eerie vibe the first two movies also had. Summer Glau plays a new model of terminatrix with more human emotional systems. She was captured by John Connor in the future and sent back to present day to protect John from dying and to prevent skynet to take over the world. It is definately a series worth checking out.

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