Settled and Back once again:)

Hey guys, Im still here 🙂

I’m almost fully settled in into my new apartment, which turned out very neat and stylish to my opinion. The only thing lacking now is a proper internet connection which is bound to arrive within two weeks, so im working through mobile Internet at this moment.

Lots of stuff going on lately, which I really enjoy. I’m currently in my experimentation project at school which is really educational and intense, very cool. Like every year, some students are selected from university to participate in a cross-educational project with the Utrecht School of Arts (HKU), specifically the faculty for Game Design and Development. One game you might know of that is a game that came from such a project is de Blob which was originally made by students from HKU and University of Utrecht as The Blob (sorry that its not in English ;)), for the purpose of promoting the new to build station area of Utrecht, of which of course the client was the city of Utrecht. Last year, other students had built another game for the City of Utrecht, called Plan-it. Faith now decided that the group that I am part of has to build a new game for the city of Utrecht, in which we have to build a game that relates to the to be implemented tourist road sign system in the city. The team I am part of consists of nine people, and three of us including me are GMT students, five are HKU GDD students and one guy is a HKU media management student. It is a nice group in all, I think there’s a lot of talent and knowledge present within in the group. We’re now almost 4 weeks in and are in the concept phase, in which we apply some very nice practical game design process on which I will definately elaborate further in a future blog perhaps later this week, as game design and the process of game developent are two of the things that intrigue me a lot.

Btw, nvidia released its book GPU Gems 3 to the public. Must read 😉

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