Blues for the red sun

I realised I haven’t posted in a while so here is a status update 🙂

I’ve installed a twitter add-in on my blog to keep you up-to-date on small blog related things, surfing the hype. I think its a rediculous concept in-all especially when it is used by large commercial news website and others, because I really don’t care if they just placed a new news item on the news site. I discover new news when i actually visit, so adding twitter is just out of context there. I like the micro-blogging aspect though, but people abuse it to enlighten us followers that they are taking a crap. I try not to abuse it, and make it relevant to this blog so that it keeps interesting. So much for that 😉

The experimention project is going along. I’ve been setting up the main game structure, and I’m working on the whole camera system. The camera system is something I’ll be going into further in a later post, because it is also my main research topic. We are roughly four weeks in production, and we’ve got a flock of birds flying around and interaction between the flock and the thing we call sources, attracting the flock when clicked upon. We’re currently working towards an alpha version which includes the city as well, to get a nice impression of what it is going to be like.

DreamBuildPlay has started and me and a couple of guys are making a game for it. We have some really cool ideas to elaborate on. We are aiming at combining aspects of geometry wars and more classical vertical-scrolling shooters like raptor or tyrian. Simple, slick graphics and chaos is what we’re aiming for, and 3D ofcourse. More later on that, as it is XNA I will probably do some articles on it.

This weekend is LudumDare weekend and I’m attending. Voting for a subject is this week, and until it gets underway on friday night. Then its 48h of game making mayhem. Some guys at ludumdare irc are doing daily sketchblogs to improve on their drawing skills. It sounds interesting enough so I’ve decided to give that a try as well; I don’t know when though, but probably soon enough ;).

Thats it for now, until later 😉

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