Whats going on !?

So it’s been quite some time since I last blogged, a lot of stuff happened since, so it’s about time I’d blog again. The experimentation project in the end didn’t turn out to go very well as for the game, but a lot of lessons learnt nevertheless. The only thing left to do is write a document on how best to incorporate Ogre3D within a game (engine), as I changed my topic to reflect my tasks within the project more (didn’t do much special camera stuff as there was no time). The game I was supposed to make for DBP didn’t go through as my experimentation project took all of my time troughout the summer, which is a bit unfortunate.
Fortunately I finished some courses as well; I did a course on Path Planning and Crowd Simulation which was really cool, and I retried for Motion and Manipulation, which is essentially a robotics course mostly related to planning paths for robots that have a certain degree of freedom, forward kinematics for robot arms (and thus also skeletons in games), high level collision detection and the grasping of objects and such. The course has a lot of things in common with other courses like path planning, but also computational geometry and virtual worlds which itself is mostly about physics and network related aspects of virtual environments. Having finished that course which was actually my last one, I am now preparing to begin my Thesis project 🙂

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