'New' Blogpost :p

In light of my thesis project, I said to try to blog more and focus a bit more on the subject of my research, which is about path planning for characters in virtual worlds, specifically related to constructing paths in complex 3D environments (environments which have tunnels, bridges and such). I still intend to do so 😉. I’m not yet sure on where to begin, but I will make it thorough and worth reading for one 🙂 I’ll cover A* of course, one of the most famous of path finding algorithms, but I will also move on to other things, like navigation graphs and navigation meshes, and also some lesser known methods such as the corridor map method which is being developed at Utrecht University (and where I am working on to do path planning in 3D environments). I might also consider several methods to simulate crowds as well, since games tend to get larger and larger and therefore whole cities are being populated with characters which move through the city (for example in the Assassins Creed series and the Grand Theft Auto series). To be continued… 😉

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